Hey kids!

Are you excited about Generation Cures? Want to make the most out of using your powers for good?, then get sponsored!

We need your help to continue our mission to help kids everywhere.

Ask a grownup to support you as you game for good make it better-g4gmib. It"s easy. Here are a few ways your parent or another grownup can help:

Get A Sponsor
  • They can send a donation to Generation Cures in your name.
  • They can sponsor you as you play Caduceus so that every time you solve one of Caduceus" puzzles, they will send a donation to Generation Cures.

For Parents and Sponsors: Sponsor a Future Master Healer

Do you know a Generation Cures kid participating in our online journey to change the world? Consider supporting that child’s experience by making a gift to Generation Cures.

Sponsor A Child A Single Gift sponsors a child or family’s online play and provides invaluable support toward the Generation Cures mission. Notice of your gift will appear immediately on the child’s home page. Click here to make a single gift.
Donate Online Or Just Make a Donation to Generation Cures
Click here to donate to Generation Cures and help us find cures and make it better for kids everywhere.
Give a Honor or Memorial Gift Give a Honor or Memorial Gift Give a Honor or Memorial Gift
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